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Laura Müller

Hi! Nice to meet you.


Looking to make changes in your life to help the environment, but you have no idea where to start? You landed on the right page!

My name is Laura;  I am a mom, entrepreneur and outdoor-lover.

If I am not changing diapers or managing our company, you can find me hiking mountains or improving veggie gardens. When covid-19 hit the world, it became clear that the post-covid world could not follow the "business-as-usual" trajectory. Yet, many people I talk to were not sure how to contribute to Change beside establishing good recycling practices in their own homes. Since I believe in leading by example, I decided to take on a zero-waste home challenge and share my experience with each one of you! I will document each step of the way so you can implement each good practice at home, and I will share Sustainability news, reviews and information so you know what's happening in the industry.


Hop on! I invite you to embark on a journey that will simplify your life, give it a new meaning and a lot of FUN!

Our main topics:

▫️ Zero-waste Home
▫️ Sustainable Lifestyle
▫️ Conservation

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