Frequently asked questions

Hassle-free coordination with business and channel partners

  • Ensure seamless on-boarding and de-boarding of partners
  • Get a 360-degree view of channel sales activities
  • Communicate with and extend support to partners in real time
  • Leverage the power of automation to reduce channel selling costs
  • Collaborate seamlessly with partners to execute marketing campaigns

Provide field service of the best quality

  • Enable your service reps get the complete picture of the customer’s problem
  • Empower service personnel by automating assignment of cases to the right rep
  • Deliver real-time omni-channel customer support through any device
  • Monitor customer cases handled by service partners seamlessly
  • Remain connected with customers always with a user-friendly service app

Make the best use of business data to drive growth

  • Predict demand accurately to plan production efficiently
  • Get the big picture of customer requirements in a timely manner
  • Score leads in a quick, highly precise manner
  • Deliver first-rate customer support through AI-powered chatbots
  • Generate detailed analytics reports with little coding

Deliver excellent experiences to customers across channels

  • Provide required information to customers in real time, easily
  • Create customer communities to facilitate smooth exchange of information
  • Develop a user-friendly portal to ensure seamless customer self-service
  • Ensure consistent, high-quality experiences across all customer channels
  • Deliver personalized customer interactions leading to high levels of engagement