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🌿Beautiful Reused/Reusable Alternatives to Single-use Gift Wraps 🌿

If there is one thing I love above all else, it’s “giving” to the people I love. The truth is that giving makes me much happier than receiving.

A smile on a friend’s face when they open my small gifts is worth to me more than I could say. 

Yet, there is something about single-use packages and gift wraps that does not agree with me. When one thinks about all that it takes to manufacture gift wraps (which are mostly manufactured in certain parts of Asia - which begs the question of how environmentally and socially sustainable these manufacturing chains are...) single-use gift wraps suddenly make no sense at all. 

What are beautiful alternatives to single-use gift wraps? 

As far as I am concerned, I love to reuse old pieces of fabric or fabric leftovers, scarves, nice kitchen cloths, glass jars, handwoven baskets, folded paper toilet cardboards with red strings, old cords from my veggie garden... and little flowers from my garden to give my final touch to the gift packaging.

I then tell the recipient of the gift that they can reuse these materials for future gifts to other people, spreading the good word down the line 🧶

But there are many other great options as well:

- Wallpaper leftovers 

- Newspaper

- Tissue paper

- Tins, cans or jars that can be decorated and reused or eventually up-cycled

- Reusable fabric bags

- Fabric scraps 

- Compostable gift wraps ( Ahhhhh I have even seen gift wraps with seeds that you can lay on the earth to grow plants after its use!)

- Reused gift bags

- Reused paper grocery bags 

- Clay Pots

- A gift in a gift

- Old maps

- Inside-out chips bags 

- Cloth produce bags

- Baskets

- Don’t wrap! Probably the most sustainable option!

Other ideas? Let’s hear them!

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