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🌿 DIY All-Purpose Natural EcoCleaner 🌿

Why buying cleaners that are harmful for the environment, detrimental to your health and produce package-waste when you can easily do your own at home?!?

Since I go through bottles and bottles of cleaners (I’m super OCD about cleaning surfaces), I decided a few weeks ago to do my own all-purpose cleaner infused with herbs from my garden and essential oils. Saves money, saves the why not make the switch? ✨

Would you?


- 1 part of water for 1 part of distilled white vinegar (1:1 vinegar/water ratio - Variant: this is a good ratio for most cleaning tasks; if you are dealing with tough jobs such as mold and mildew, you can increase the potency if the cleaner by changing the vinegar to water ratio by 2:1)

- Herbs of your choice

- A few drops of essential oils

- 1 Amber Spray bottle (protects your lotion from the sun rays)

Let the herbs infuse the aromatic cleaning lotion for about two weeks before using! ✨ I recommend using Rosemary with Lemon essential oils and Oregano with Eucalyptus essential oils... but lavender and many other herbs are also great choices! 🌾

☝🏻 Remember that vinegar-based cleaners are not recommended on natural-stone or hardwood floors because the acid can etch them.

+ Use distilled or synthetic white vinegar always, as the other types of vinegar could stain your surfaces 🌫

That’s it! It’s so easy, I cannot believe I did not do it before! 😊


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