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🎋SWITCH to a Bamboo Bike! 🚴

- Wil and our new Boomers bamboo bikes! -

A while back, Wil found this amazing social enterprise in Ghana called

BOOMERS, hand-making bamboo bikes to create positive social and environmental impact in Africa and in the world! 🙌🏻

Boomers is a small but growing company using bamboo to make amazing technical bikes, while taking out of poverty young people in a region of Ghana where teen pregnancy, poverty and other social issues are prevalent. Instead of using metal to manufacture the frame of the bikes, they use a sustainable material, bamboo, which is extremely resistant and gives the confort to your ride metal could never give.

By buying a Boomers bike, not only you will help hundreds of people come out of poverty, but you will also improve your health and reduce your carbon emissions!

Since I work in San José Center, I definitely can’t bike to work...but I certainly can go buy bread, go to the pharmacy, visit some of my friends or even go to the hairdresser biking 🙌🏻

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